Day 5

What I know so far is that routines are important and that goals are important.

I’ve stuck to my 5 handwritten pages a day. One day it took me 5 hours to get there. Today maybe just 3.

Charles Bukowski once wrote: “The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable.”

These are trying to be blueberry basil honey popsicles.

The two on the right are raspberry creamsicles.

Made with my new baby bullet, an ostensibly baby food making food processor (It was on sale; I have no baby).

Foods are more real to me when they are smashed up raw and liquified. When I am pulling teeth with my writing, I am more forceful and less joyous in the kitchen. Popsicles are just that sort of point A to point B food: blend, pour, freeze. Just like with my plodding sort of progress with my outline–don’t overthink it, I have to remind myself when I over-write some character’s outfit or an exchange. Likewise, I’m not very involved with the minutiae of proportions and blending–I don’t stop to react to what ginger juice or cinnamon might do to a concoction–I just get the job done. Plus, I have broken at least 3 blending appliances in the past year. I want this new baby bullet to last the whole summer, thus I gingerly pulsed the berries and honey.

I never thought I’d be the woman with the personal blog who posts pictures of her popsicles, but, I never thought I’d have an outline I’d follow for a novel, either, so here we are. Maybe sometimes you have to be the woman you didn’t think you’d be in order to find out what sort of woman you are.

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