Day 12: Wings–continuation of Irv Peckham’s number 2

Nola Studiola Question 2, continued

I work best in the morning in my study and when I’m having coffee.  I travel a lot and I have learned to find ways of creating spaces where I like to write.  Most important is the laptop on which I write.  I love the feeling of the keys and the words appearing.  I have to work my way into a new laptop, but once I have done that, I am happiest when I am writing on it—writing anything.  It’s the inside of my brain.

I work best when I have my guitar near me.  I almost always write like that.   I’ll write a bit; then play and sing a couple of songs; then write a bit, then sing some songs.  I also practice things I’m supposed to be practicing on the guitar—then go back to writing.  If anything is my talisman, it’s my guitar—but it’s just because I love the sound of the music it makes.  I’ve really always worked like this—and I like very early morning.  I used to start writing before dawn.  I thought it was because I liked to be writing when the dawn came.  But after Sarah died, I have discovered that it was because I needed that quiet writing time before she woke up.  Now I sometimes don’t get up until 7.

I don’t care about being invisible or flying.  I just want to be in love again.  That’s like having wings.

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