Month: July 2012

  Nola Studiola: What would be your ideal meal to eat on a wide, deteriorating balcony overlooking misshapen live oak branches, in the middle of a hot New Orleans summertime? What time of day would you suggest partaking of this meal? (It’s low 70’s in the morning and high 90’s by afternoon.) Honestly, I’m a heat wimp. […]

Nola Studiola: Is there a time in your life you could have used a Nola studiola? (alone, in New Orleans, semi off-the-grid, unemployed) What’s one thing you’d be sure to do if you were ensconced in my Nola studiola? I guess I technically have one (see question #3), except for the off-the-grid aspect. That part […]

Nola Studiola: What fruit and what vegetable each deserve a week-long celebration? Please explain. Apples. I am a New England girl at heart even though I mostly live in San Francisco, and New England to me has always meant autumn. And autumn means falling leaves and cold apples and sweaters. I guess apples could use […]

I just realized: this summer is less about writing and more about healing a very large self inflicted mental/creative injury I’ve done to myself. Less talk and more silence, more listening and less problem solving. I goof up constantly. Sometimes silence can make a language of love.  A jittery AC vent and a pen clicking two […]