Month: July 2012

  Nola Studiola: What would be your ideal meal to eat on a wide, deteriorating balcony overlooking misshapen live oak branches, in the middle of a hot New Orleans summertime? What time of day would you suggest partaking of this meal? (It’s low 70’s in the morning and high 90’s by afternoon.) Honestly, I’m a heat wimp. […]

Nola Studiola: Is there a time in your life you could have used a Nola studiola? (alone, in New Orleans, semi off-the-grid, unemployed) What’s one thing you’d be sure to do if you were ensconced in my Nola studiola? I guess I technically have one (see question #3), except for the off-the-grid aspect. That part […]

Nola Studiola: What fruit and what vegetable each deserve a week-long celebration? Please explain. Apples. I am a New England girl at heart even though I mostly live in San Francisco, and New England to me has always meant autumn. And autumn means falling leaves and cold apples and sweaters. I guess apples could use […]

I just realized: this summer is less about writing and more about healing a very large self inflicted mental/creative injury I’ve done to myself. Less talk and more silence, more listening and less problem solving. I goof up constantly. Sometimes silence can make a language of love.  A jittery AC vent and a pen clicking two […]

Nola Studiola: What makes you laugh? LB: My husband. Since the moment we met 20 years ago, we’ve been cracking each other up. AB: I like hearing that. I think Christianne Sanchez also answered her Studiola question this way. I think it’s fascinating the way two people’s sense of humor (senses of humor? humour?) interact, and […]

  For the Studiola, Ms. Brown graciously provided the photo that accompanied her kid’s birth announcement, “8+” years ago. The caption read: “Daniel: gin, Lisa: vodka, Baby: breast milk.” It was this past February that I first linked the name “Lisa Brown” to a certain distinctive illustration and wit that most often pops up for fun […]

I can’t let Mr. Ervin go before we publish a PS. Who ends a conversation where it’s supposed to end, anyway? I’ve placed his P.S. interspersed with images drawn by local artist and scientist, Courtney Kearney. You can read his story with the images or just look at the images first to hear the story. […]