Day 20: Amanda Hesser’s Visit Continues

Nola Studiola Question Two: How do you feel when you start a new project? When are you afraid? How does it feel  different from being in the midst of a project, and at the end of a finished project?

I never feel afraid to start something new, which is probably both a gift and a liability. I’m obsessed with the new, with pushing forward, with change. New projects excite me — so much that I sometimes don’t think through all of the potential obstacles. Sometimes, mid-project, I can get bogged down by the number of options and communication that need to happen, but I like to complete projects, so I eventually get through. At the end of a project, I’m never that interested in enjoying the moment. I really want to move onto the next project.
Nola Studiola Question Three:  Do you have a physical space and routine that helps you create? How has your creating schedule (time of day, whether you need to be naked, talismans, etc.) changed over the course of your career? 
I’m most creative when walking. Before writing, or when I have a business problem to solve, I like taking a walk. I’m also very clear-headed and creative in the shower, and in bed before I fall asleep. I always keep my phone or sticky notes by the bed so I can jot down notes.

I pride myself in being able to work anywhere, however, when given the luxury of choice, I’m very particular about my spaces, and especially about the light in these spaces. I like wood surfaces, warmth, no clutter, and natural or lamp light. I cannot work with overhead light.

But I also need the spaces to change over time, and I need several at once so I can move between them. In our apartment, I like to use our dining room table, our sofa, and a small armchair in our kitchen. I’ve worked on a laptop since the mid 1990s, so I’m a transient worker, always looking to satisfy my next need.

And while this makes no sense from a sleep standpoint, I’m most calm and focused at 8:30 am and midnight to 2 am.

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