July 10/Day 26/Sanchez visit continues

Nola Studiola: How do you feel when you start a new project? When are you afraid? How does it feel  different from being in the midst of a project, and at the end of a finished project?

CJS: When I start a new project, I wonder if I can really do it and if so, how it will turn out. And so it’s not when I’m afraid as much as why. So those are the reasons why–I worry about being able actually do it and whether it will be good. And then at the end, I love the feeling of re-reading something (whether I’m editing or just reading over something of mine I forgot about, like a blog entry about my trip to Telluride) and giggling out loud or thinking “Hey–this is actually pretty good.” 

 AB: Yes, I understand the re-reading moment. For some reason, lately, the true things I write are much more gratifying to re-read than the made-up. Maybe it’s because I can imagine myself answering back to the real people and events with my twist on the experience.

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