Day 30/an interlude for hibiscus

Earlier this spring, a certain someone returned from a footy tournament in Georgia with a jar of hibiscus flowers for me, and he requested that I feature hibiscus in my eating plan somehow during Nola Studiola.

Here is a concentrated hibiscus/agave juice that goes swimmingly well with sparkling water, among other things. Also, see Strawberry Studiola cocktail–it’s got hibiscus in it!

I made blueberry coconut water ice cubes. Random.

Apparently hibiscus is pretty great for you. Who knew?

Once you open a jar of hibiscus flowers, there’s no turning back…stay tuned.




Here are some ways to gratitude yourself up.

Here’s how to chop an onion, thanks for Food52. (Ulterior motive for this blog is to have you reading Food52!)


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