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The other day, a guy carried his laptop and kept his head phones on when he went to the bathroom. And, it didn’t help my imagination that when he emerged from the restroom, he carried his laptop OPEN, as if he had (obvious leap here for yours truly) been wanking off to porn on his laptop in the restroom. He did take a while. But number 2 is a situation with coffee, so I am the last to judge.

The thing is, if you felt you needed to batten down the laptop hatches when you took a break for the restroom, (some coffeeshops feel safer than others) how would you do it? I guess I usually only have a composition book, and when I have my laptop I try to organize the breaks and if I need to, and if the safety vibe is low for me, I put the laptop to sleep and pack it up when going to the restroom. I adhere to a few made-up rules that I know are just for how people will perceive me–ie, my ego doesn’t want you to even suspect I’m wanking in the restroom to porn on my laptop (or checking email while doing number 2) so I guess my packing up is sort of a performance I’m doing for anyone watching, and for me. (For the record, I have never used my laptop while using a coffeeshop restroom.)

What’s the deal, Studiola readers? The deal with the dude who keeps the laptop propped open exiting the potty?

Etiquette violation, or do I need to get over it?

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    1. LISA!!!!! A Studiola stud and regular, who is also a world traveler. Lisa, did you see anyone emerging from a restroom in JFK or Logan carrying a laptop propped open?


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