Bats, Bats, Bats on my mind

I can’t let Mr. Ervin go before we publish a PS. Who ends a conversation where it’s supposed to end, anyway?

I’ve placed his P.S. interspersed with images drawn by local artist and scientist, Courtney Kearney. You can read his story with the images or just look at the images first to hear the story.

PS. I forgot something vitally important to my bio:

One time when I was a little kid, my parents went out of town and left me at home alone with my brother Chris. No idea where my two other siblings were that night. My brothers had bedrooms up on the creaky third floor. I was asleep when we heard a strange noise in the room.
Chris got up to turn on the light and there was a bat flying around the perimeter of the room at the ceiling. It circled and circled; it was right out of Legosi’s “Dracula” and, naturally, I believe, I screamed and screamed. Chris caught the bat in my sleeping bag, 
which he then shook out the window. 
 Then I had to get back in it and try to fall asleep.
Bats are everywhere this week, for Ervin’s visit coincides with the premier of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight RisesMy favorite moment in the movie might be when Bane claims to own the shadows in which Batman hides from his own demons.
1931 Dracula clip: You can’t kill that bat.

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