Lisa Brown concludes her visit at the Studiola. Sadly, the last we hear..

Optional bonus question: What are your favorite and least favorite sounds? Did you ever have a job where you got to hear your favorite sound(s)?

Unfortunately for my very musically inclined family, audio input goes in one ear and out the other. I listen to music and NPR all day long while working, and often don’t hear a thing that’s been sung or said.

AB: I love hearing voices (both in and outside of my head.) I listen to Dinner Party Download all the time, and Diane Rehm is probably the one daily NPR show I’d be tempted to listen in on when I’m in that state of “needing voices” to drown out whatever static of my own creation that’s needing to be drowned out.

I have a hard time listening to music while I work, since am sort of always begging for invitation to another’s world/drama/story.

However, these have made up a constructive summertime soundtrack in the Studiola:

Steve Reich’s Drumming Parts I-IV

Ahanu: Music for Yoga and Meditation; Yoga Om

Jane Winther

Aboriginal Didgeridoo

Carla Gover

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