Month: August 2012

k.t. has been at various times in her “grown-up life” been a community organizer, anti-hunger advocate, private childcare provider, candidate for elected office, and preschool teacher. Occasionally, she has been several of those things at once.  A native New Yorker, k.t. believes in the power of the American short story, the laughter of children, and that home […]

Disney-Forest Kristin Kristin Sanders is from Santa Maria, California, home of the Michael Jackson trial and some broccoli fields.  She now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she creates poetry, songs, and drawings, and teaches English classes at Loyola University.  She is the author of the poetry chapbook, “Orthorexia” (dancing girl press).  Come say hi […]

Bam! You thought it would never end, but it’s gonna. Sort of. Like most goodbyes in my life, it won’t signal an end; just a transformation of something. I hate goodbyes! It’s gonna end/begin, this here blog, and what I mean by that is: careful readers will note that there are still at least three […]