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Prompted by an exercise I spotted on Ms Yuknavitch’s FB wall once last year (#1), I will share it and a few others that have brought me to new places lately:

Homeworkhomeworkhomeworkhomework if you don’t do it you will get into trouble and there are so many points to deduct.

1. Write 100 true things about an image/thing that keeps popping up in your story/writing.

1a. Put raw egg in your hair.

2. Explain why your eye color is your favorite eye color over all of the other eye colors out there, natural or artificial.

2a. Paint your eyelids with three colors of eyeshadow and then wear high heels by yourself.

3. 10 people/places who need open letters from you. Write one.

3a. Put your face over a pot of boiling water.

4.10 pet peeves that you are not willing to be public about.

4a. Cover your face with two packets of mixed plain gelatin. Let it dry for 30 minutes. It gets hard! Cool.

5. 10 gratitudes you are not willing to be public about.

5a. Sit under your writing table only for an hour.

6. 5-10 Crushes on public figures.

6a. Scrub everything on your body with used coffee grinds.

7. 75 bullet point list, the beginning of your The Way Things Should Be, according to you.

7a. Put oil in your hair.

8. 10 Books you hated and/or have a Real Problem with in parts.

8a. Shave off half your eyebrows. (I’m not doing this again. I did this once and it took a year to grow back, so it’s ok and fun, but it is not like leg hair in this way.)

9. “Who is crazier?” Pick two people. Make a t-chart.

9a. Talk about yourself in expectation of your next action like you are an Olympics commentator.

10. Write a letter to the last librarian you saw or spoke to

10a. Naked, all your jewelry. Don’t scratch your head.

First person to email me your exercise gets detritus/evidence of mine in return. Send with subject line: Homework, Quid pro quo.

I am not mass producing this. You can find my contact in the Support link.

Oh, and some of the obligatory policies I must remind you of:

20% 40% 50% deduction tardy attendance formatting no Cambria font and the stapling stapling stapling staple it and attach it and curtsy and I will stamp you APPROVED and then we will be learning everything there is to know about the Objectives. Sweaty armpits Meet me halfway! Meet me on the margin, and I will not read what you give me but here is a good reason for that the exercise and the muscle memory that is the thing and the intention is a lot but moreso is the black ink not the blue but

the I-10 does not have a shoulder in all

parts of the breakdown lane or any breakdown lane

let’s just

do this online.

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