Yuknavitch visit concludes/am I ready for that/does it matter

Optional bonus question: What are your favorite and least favorite sounds?

Favorite sound:  water (rain, or river, or ocean).  Least favorite sound:  any kind of suffering.

Did you ever have a job where you got to hear your favorite sound(s)? Yep. More than once. But I don’t want a job hearing it. I want a life hearing it.

AB: My breath changed from slow to gasping and it’s all about all the changes coming up–a new job, a new state, a new home. I bought four Louisiana themed t-shirts and there’s a bumpersticker on my car for when the times comes to get the Colorado plates.

I like the sound of didgeridoo and my back releasing some sort of crackly hold. I like the sound of things spilling, and I like water–any water sound. I splashed in puddles, under a rainstorm today, and picked some flowers from neighbors’ yards. I like the sound of rain.

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