Month: November 2012

This week Wild Boo and I came down with a cold. We steamed up the bathroom and played with twenty or thirty of his favorite toys, and then after taping up pictures of fishes, (one of Wild Boo’s favorite things) we blared C & C Music Factory, LL Cool J, and PM Dawn, and splashed […]

Ms. Shulman says: “This is a collection of 250 recipes drawn from my popular Recipes for Health column on I launched my column with the same goal that I have always had with my work – to empower people to prepare delicious, healthy meals every day. The easiest and most pleasurable way to eat well […]

In celebration of Thanksgiving and me being back in the Studiola driver’s seat for a bit, I will present to you the digital transcription of my interview with Martha Rose Shulman, who was busy working on her new book, The Very Best of Recipes for Health around the time we chatted over email last summer. She kindly […]

Hi, I’m Alison. I used to blog regularly here at Nola Studiola; remember that? The summertime interview blog based in New Orleans? I live in Denver now. Yup. I nanny for a small boy, and I live with a cousin and her husband. This cousin is my own personal Nancy Drew—resourceful, positive, independent, and very […]