Month: December 2012

By Olivia Kate Cerrone This past November, I had the wonderful privilege of reading my fiction at the Fireside Follies Reading Series in Brooklyn, NY, where I met author Eric Nelson, who co-curates the series with the poet, Mike Lala. This popular reading series brings together both established and emerging writers alike, showcasing some of […]

By Olivia Kate Cerrone Last July, I had the enormous privilege of reading my fiction at the Rabbit Tales Reading and Performance Series in Brooklyn, NY. There I met the event’s curator, Kate Hill Cantrill, an accomplished author who deeply values fostering community among working artists. Rabbit Tales is unique in its approach, combining literary readings […]

Food matches mood, place, and time of life. Corn ice cream and blueberry tarragon jam is making every moment count before you say goodbyes Plum, cheese, plum is: July, New Orleans, Sigur Ros, distraction from missing someone. Lemon ice cubes is above it all. Artichokes are mom and dad and laughing and Dan Rather on […]

I’m excited to introduce our second curator here at the Nola Studiola Redux. Her name is Olivia. Olivia Kate Cerrone to you. Here’s a woman who can pull off large hoop earrings like no one I’ve seen, listens to your stories with the empathy of a pro bono social worker, and might be fueled by […]