Redux, meet Cerrone

okcI’m excited to introduce our second curator here at the Nola Studiola Redux. Her name is Olivia. Olivia Kate Cerrone to you. Here’s a woman who can pull off large hoop earrings like no one I’ve seen, listens to your stories with the empathy of a pro bono social worker, and might be fueled by gasoline, the way she burns into her laptop late, late into the night, surrounded by the aroma of an apple cinnamon travel candle.

Welcome, Ms. Cerrone, of the big heart and large brain. You are someone who has both literary awards and kindness. So glad you will dabble here at the Studiola!

Olivia Kate Cerrone is a writer and educator. She recently won the 2012 Mason’s Road Literary Award (sponsored by Fairfield University’s creative writing MFA program). Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in a wide variety of literary magazines, including New South, The Portland Review, The Dos Passos Review, Gigantic Sequins, Word Riot, and Italian Americana, where she won first place in the journal’s 2012 short story contest. She is currently at work on The Hunger Saint, a novel set in contemporary Sicily. Chapter excerpts have appeared in Hot Metal Bridge and were translated in the Italian literary journals El-Ghibli and ScrittInediti. She earned an MFA from New York University, where she studied under E.L. Doctorow, Francine Prose and Chuck Wachtel, among others.

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