Pulling it together

Food matches mood, place, and time of life.


Corn ice cream and blueberry tarragon jam is making every moment count before you say goodbyes


Plum, cheese, plum is: July, New Orleans, Sigur Ros, distraction from missing someone.

ice bullet

Lemon ice cubes is above it all.

bright artichoke

Artichokes are mom and dad and laughing and Dan Rather on the news and clay-salt-marsh smell of Delmarva.

Grilled cheese cut in triangles, sort of burned: Dad. Reubens and Rachels: Mom. Ribs: girlhood.

Nancy Drew makes dishes that stick to your bones in the thin Denver air. Family sticks to my bones and also stretches my insides out and puts them back together again. Martha Rose Shulman’s tapenades are making do and finding magic; Amanda Hesser’s chocolate toasts with salt are slowing down and saying why not. Sometimes I make the right food for the mood and the place in such a way that new possibilities about the day or a problem start to feel…like they’ve entered the room. It sounds crazy, but cooking good food that hits where I’m at emotionally and physically seems to sorta help me focus happy-better. Feeling and knowing instead of figuring and stressing.

Pulling ingredients together and combining them in different ways reminds me that there is not just one way to do things, and that sometimes the method is way more important than the end goal, because the end goal of anything–career goal, relationship goal, recipe goal–is a lot about what you tell yourself, not really what you know to be accurate. And if the method by way of getting somewhere feels right and good and true, then maybe when you get there you will cohere. Am I still talking about food? Yes, in a way, I still am.

the I Don’t Want to Get Sick Salad
Kale (roasted quickly or braised)
jicama (use a mandolin attachment)
apples (mandolin)
red cabbage (same)
Dressing: apple cider vinegar & olive oil!
the I’m Definitely Sick Salad
Roast: beets, kale (quick), leek, sweet potatoes. Sprinkle with olive oil. (Prick the beets and potatoes. 350 degrees; 30 mins.)
Cut raw carrots thin and lengthwise
Grab a bunch of baby spinach
Make this dressing in a Baby Bullet or a food processor:
1 cup of chopped fresh ginger
2 cloves raw garlic
apple cider vinegar
olive oil
juice of 1 lime
Blend!  Kapow.
the I Am Nervous Grab ‘n Go
Romaine lettuce
boiled egg
the I Woke Up Feeling like Crap Breakfast
a lot of corn tortillas, fried or warmed in skillet
a reasonable amount of little multi color peppers, chopped
a few eggs
some garlic, mince it
pinches of salt and pepper
Siracha sauce
potatoes, roasted from before or new potatoes.
Scramble eggs. Saute peppers and minced garlic and potatoes. Put in corn tortillas. Squirt Siracha.
the Life is Uncertain/Vulnerability Hangover Smoothie
This is for when you went out on a limb the night before, or when you wonder whether or not someone sweet likes you back. Choose the proportions based on your gut. A strong blender or processor is helpful unless you use a ton of OJ.
frozen blueberries
some spinach
(The celery and ginger help to remind you that things can change at any moment.)artichoke 1

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  1. Beautiful. You’ve hit something deep here. I want to stay here with you for a whole book, or column. Think of gifting us with more of your insight and exploration. ❤


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