Month: January 2013

This upcoming curatorial take-over marks a first for the Studiola: poet and budding scholar Jackie DeRobertis will be curating from outside of the U.S., and her physical context across the pond in England will most likely slither into the content of her February 2013 stay here at Nola Studiola. Studiola will benefit from whatever Ms. […]

Ed Dadey’s interview is going to lurk in the powdery wings of the Studiola stage for the indeterminable and near future. See how I did that? I distracted you from Ed. You’re picturing wings of a stage, which is where this conversation happens, this Redux, this platform. Kind of like working on a story for […]

My tiny friend Wild Boo did not eat this week. Well, he did not eat much. Aside from the bubblegum-flavored antibiotic he was force-fed and some formula, Wild Boo was on a food boycott. To be honest, food was not on the top of my list this week, when me and the rest of the […]

Well, I don’t know. That’s what everyone here at Nola Studiola would like to know. Ed Dadey, founder and director of the illustrious Art Farm artist residency in Marquette, Nebraska, is supposed to be Olivia Kate Cerrone’s swan song interview here in the moist, banana plant-laden digital version of the old dirty dirty, the virtual […]

Dear 2013, Only Good News Alison here again, popping in to share with you some recipes that I’ve collected since October-ish. David’s Bridal Salad Who is David, anyhow? I thought getting engaged meant, as a friend of mine puts it, you’re shit’s in one sock? Or the engagement somehow helps you to put your shit […]