Introducing Jacqueline DeRobertis

Jackie DeRobertis Nola Studiola

This upcoming curatorial take-over marks a first for the Studiola: poet and budding scholar Jackie DeRobertis will be curating from outside of the U.S., and her physical context across the pond in England will most likely slither into the content of her February 2013 stay here at Nola Studiola. Studiola will benefit from whatever Ms. DeRobertis makes of her space, and we understand that since she might be swimming in a gobsmacked, knackered, bugger all, chuffed and blinding cultural immersion abroad, (University of East Anglia, to be exact) she can drop what morsels she finds lightening and enlightening on us, with little worry about their translation.

Jackie DeRobertis is a Junior at Louisiana State University pursuing an altogether ridiculously complicated dual degree in English and Philosophy, with a double concentration in Literature and Creative Writing. She is first and foremost a writer of fiction, but has been known to dabble in poetry. She has no idea what she’s doing with her life, but so far she hasn’t been too disappointed in her choices.

Welcome, Jacqueline.

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