Ms. March…or no, I’m not a pin-up, I’m an awesome academic’a

maskSo, here I sit with mask in hand…fitting that I’m settled in the NOLA blogiana. So, you may wonder if I’m wearing this mask to be some kind of superheroine? Or maybe some instigator (mwoohahaaha!)? or maybe just a tad protective of my identity? Maybe a splash of the latter, but notsomuch the former 2 perceptions (no capes or daggers here!). The anonymity is not designed so that I can cause some caustic angry energy-fueling diatribe (I’m a honey over vinegar gal!). On the contrary, it’s merely set up this way so I (and my good friends) can feel free to speak my (our) mind(s) and know that others are listening and are freely responding. I’m going to dust off my creative writing hat and build a narrative around their responses…hopefully, we’ll all have engaging asynchronous conversations with each other through the lens of the Scholarina-verse.

Who are my friends, you ask? Well, they are wearing gorgeous masks, as well. And under our own unique pseudonym-handles  – we intend to pay homage to the recent 50th anniversary of the Feminine Mystique with some on-the-downlow academic’a (ladies/women (however they prefer to be gender’fied) only) dialogue. My dear male friends, I’m not cutting you out completely. Join us in the comments section. We welcome your input!

So, here are the topics – intentionally broad because I wanted to give my pals as much latitude as possible! I asked them to imagine we are sitting together at brunch (actually with a few of them, we did do just that!) and discussing these issues.

What to expect in the Month of March (MoM!):

  1. being a mother/care-giver in the academy (Work-family-publishorperish-evening events balance…We will preach it!),
  2. being a woman in the academy…have we “come a long way, baby”? or do we have miles to go?,
  3. being our friends (who are not in our ivoried universe) sharing perceptions. I love that my friends come from so many cosmic corners…I know that they have heard me blab enough to offer some perspective. They will frankly share what they think of us, the women of the academy? Offer some advice, some Kleenex, some humor…annnnd
  4. we’ll close with some Advice, Advice, Advice…anybody out there? want to vent? need advice? bring it up during the last week of March. And if nobody bites, I may just ruminate on what happens when “A tree falls in the forest” or “Is it just me and my pencil in here?”

I chose my friends because: I love them, first thing; my mortar-board sisters. And, I respect them so much. They are all roses in my garden. I draw on their wisdom, strength, humor, friendship, hugs so much over the years. I hope you’ll join us.

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