Month: May 2013

Nola Studiola is one year old today. Happy birthday! In the world of  marriage, one year has traditionally been celebrated with paper. Here at Nola Studiola, we will celebrate one year old-ness with our first ever exclusive audio interview, to be posted this weekend, about marriage’s failings, and the brave man who dared write about […]

dear readers, mostly, i’m posting because i want to share something with you. i want to bring you the most important page of my thesis. honestly, i just want to share it. but i also think it will get me somewhere in this conversation i began last week regarding creative practice and its relation to […]

readers! hello! it is with delight that i write my first studiola post from a tiny couch under a loft bed in my studio-attached-to-a-garage in san diego (no wind sounds in the backyard palm fronds, but the crickets are doing their thing). i am no stranger to wordpress (currently up to 1,267 posts over at […]

I’m proud to introduce Franciszka Voeltz, May’s curator. I met f.v. during the 2012 Nebraskan drought, during which we dug holes, shot bb guns, pondered ferociously, and laughed, usually with a large glass jug of limeade and a family of flies in tow. I met Franciszka at the Art Farm. Let the fragments determine the […]