May’s curator: Franciszka Voeltz

I’m proud to introduce Franciszka Voeltz, May’s curator. I met f.v. during the 2012 Nebraskan drought, during which we dug holes, shot bb guns, pondered ferociously, and laughed, usually with a large glass jug of limeade and a family of flies in tow. I met Franciszka at the Art Farm.

Let the fragments determine the shape, she told me one afternoon. I have dedicated most of my writing life to that advice ever since.

She is a refrigerator of kindness: she is a moving space that preserves generosity of spirit when most of us let ours go rancid and then beg for more.

She is a mason jar of wisdom–you can admire the way the sunlight glitters through her from afar or drink from her smarts when you are famished.

The best part is, she doesn’t keep score.

Welcome, Franciszka. We’re glad you made it. -Alison



also known as frankie, frantelope, frandlebar mustache (etc.), franciszka voeltz believes in momentum, collaboration and you. things that interest franciszka include but are not limited to: the power of naming things, the arbitrariness of borders and how bodies and geography carry history. f.v. led writing workshops with various underserved communities from low-income adults to inmates in portland, oregon through write around portland.  in spring 2013 f.v. will be completing an mfa in writing at the university of california, san diego. f’s poems have appeared in a number of publications including Flaneur Foundry, Ocho and Analecta Literary Journal and f’s daily practice can be read and interacted with here. f has been reading and writing a lot about water and is currently curating a collective poem to the entire planet which can be found here.




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