Month: June 2013

Parker,  Colorado. Twenty some miles south of Denver city limits. You can smell wild sage in the air, adult rabbits zig zag across the ergonomically winding residential streets. My roommates, who I will affectionately call Starlily and Starman and I decide to take a walk. It’s a bit past six and the day is still […]

Once, in the summer of 2006, in Shaftsbury, Vermont, I sat on Robert Frost’s toilet. I’m not making this up. I stepped over the velvet rope and sat right down and smiled for my friend to take a picture. And all of a sudden, I felt less scared. What is scary about Robert Frost? A […]

dear readers, you’ll have to forgive my deliquency as a studiola curator. i have been busied recently with the tasks of giving a final reading at u.c. san diego, defending my thesis, and, oh, you know, just getting my MFA ! ! !  (one of my thesis committee members believes that MFA stands for MotherFuckingArtist. […]

June, 1, 2013: It’s the Day After One at Nola Studiola! And, we are so excited to welcome Jay Ponteri, whose interview will be accessible by clicking on Jay Ponteri under “Visitors.” Jay Ponteri‘s memoir, Wedlocked, has recently been published by Hawthorne Books. His chapbook of short prose, Darkmouth Strikes Again, is being published by Future Tense Books, 2014. […]