Month: August 2013

Two hours near dusk. Unlike last year, August 9th in central Nebraska is perfect 70 something degrees, green, and cool and wet at night. Hundreds of jeeps and lifted pickup trucks and maybe a handful of Wagoneers and Suburbans with their doors removed descend upon the winding, marsh-like path of the Platte River. The Jeep […]

In my year of no-fixed-address, I have repeatedly come up against the creepy car phone convo conundrum. While living with friends or in a barely assembled house whose walls are full of holes or half started upgrades, I find my car is the only place I can have a guaranteed private phone conversation, and so […]

Denver makes good plain sense. Except for the part about water. In New Orleans, there’s too much water. No, it’s not even an issue of too much. The place was built in its own watery flotsam of silt, sand and clay, and therefore it sinks. So I don’t think it’s fair to talk about water […]