I decided that I needed to meet Lost Boy. I told him that I had an active imagination, and I was afraid of concocting a story about us that wasn’t rooted in reality. He wrote back that he understood, and he’d like to meet me, as well.

“Very much so,” he typed.IMG_0579

I believed him but I was afraid that we’d get so comforted by our online connection that he wouldn’t want to risk destroying that by meeting.

I planned a trip to New Orleans in July, mostly so that I would be in driving distance of Morgan City, where most of his emails originated.

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  1. These stories reflect your sensitivity, perception and courage. To take ones thoughts and put them into writing with such clarity is indeed a talent, to do it and have others read it takes fortitude. I admire that.


    1. Thanks, Mr. Lewis! That means a lot to me that you read this and said such nice things. Your comments are great encouragement. I look forward to meeting you. 🙂 Alison


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