Month: February 2014

Rabbit: I didn’t think it would end like that. Armadillo: The detonation reminded me of Mardi Gras. So many regrets. Ingredients:  2 sticks from New Mexico (home of the 9-banded armadillo) in a suitcase after 8 months on the run 1 package of Space Age Crystals from West Germany two years before the fall of […]

Bobcat:  The restlessness of the spirit!   Stripe-tailed Raccoon:  A desire to root!           Sonnet to Someone Else’s Old Love Letter Unfaithfulness hit the page in several places, making several vowels blur, making Philly beautiful in snow, a city trying to show that it could. The letter takes a long walk. […]

Ocelot:  Mother may I play outside? Squirrel:  It’s all outside. If it’s winter where you are, then ______________. I drove down to Kent for the postcard show and to see my dad at the show.  The show was in a gymnasium partitioned off. I had to take a phone call and stepped into the corner, […]

Unknown Animal: Ear to ear we hear. Same Unknown Animal: The ocean roars. The Ocean Roars: Composition for Glockenspiel ROAR . What created this strange sound in Earth’s Pacific Ocean? …a loud and unusual sound, dubbed a Bloop, captured by deep sea microphones in 1997…. Bloops are some of the loudest sounds of any type […]

Loren Erdrich and Sierra Nelson met in 2008 during yearlong artist-staff residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and began their collaboration with the lyrical choose-your-own-adventure book I Take Back the Sponge Cake (published by Rose Metal Press in 2012, and recipient of the 2010 NYU Washington Square Review Prize for Collaboration). They continue to collaborate under the name INIVISBLE […]

It’s been a rough week in my house, as we were scourged with an intestinal virus that started with my 20 month-old daughter. As my pediatrician says, parenting is not for the faint-hearted, and my week at home with her matched the weather – the lows were bristling while I mouthed prayers that she would […]