Week Three: Love


Bobcat:  The restlessness of the spirit!  
Stripe-tailed Raccoon:  A desire to root!  



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Sonnet to Someone Else’s Old Love Letter

Unfaithfulness hit the page in several
places, making several vowels blur, making
Philly beautiful in snow, a city
trying to show that it could. The letter
takes a long walk. Some doubt, a smiley face.
My brain starts slowly to believe… 
1999, I know you’re trying.
A man cheats on his wife and everyone
argues abstract nouns, sealing out the wind.
Footprints marring the snow, but all of it
soon melted: it’s OK if you didn’t
have time to say it. So little does last.
Good luck with the work, Love. I found that book
and mailed it, should arrive by Saturday.

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