August Curator/Christianne Sanchez Robinson

Summer is ending. That means Nola Studiola returns to its monthly-curated format. Different artists in and out of New Orleans take over the blog on a monthly basis and determine content according to their artistic needs.
Studiola’s curator for August 2014 is Christianne Sanchez Robinson.
cjsChristianne is an attorney in Houston, Texas, who claims to be someone who loves words. So far, what she’s been able to produce include: a diary, short stories, various half-finished pieces, blog entries, articles for a now-defunct venture capital magazine in New York City, and a self-published novel. Her husband, their Labrador Retriever and somewhat-bitchy cat are the best things in her life. Christianne is a big fan of the following, including but not limited to: reading, snow skiing, Tex-Mex, cheesy TV, Longhorn football and happy hour(s). Find her blog and links to her self-published novel here:

Curatorial intent:

Note the above claim to love words and laundry list of written pieces; thus Christianne hopes to use Studiola to awaken her creative juices. Since completing the writing and editing of her novel, starting her law career and just, well, in general, living—she has been slow to get back into a regular groove of writing things other than contract drafts. She hopes to share some of her history in a memoir format, to simply enjoy the process and hopefully to entertain.


Christianne Sanchez Robinson’s “residency” (we are fancy like that now) marks the first month of Nola Studiola’s content partnership with the New Orleans arts and culture online publication NolaVie. NolaVie was founded in 2011 by a veteran Times-Picayune journalist and a local non-profit leader to fill the gap in cultural coverage of New Orleans. Each Nola Studiola curator will reflect on his or her work at Nola Studiola in a brief article titled “Dispatches” over at the Vie, sometime during the month-long residency. This is a huge honor and an exciting opportunity for Studiola participants to join in the commitment to make cultural connections among artists in New Orleans, the Gulf South, and beyond. Stay tuned for the first one around mid-month at


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