Month: September 2014

Derrida’s variety, by which the meaning of a word is endlessly deferred as it is further shaped by additional words, which add to and shift its meaning and are in turn shaped by the words that follow them, and on and on so that no definitive meaning is ever arrived at, ever determined, ever set. […]

It seemed amiss to write a post about this dish but not include a recipe for anyone who felt inspired to try it. So here we are: 1 lb linguine 2–3 T olive oil 2–3 T butter 1/3 lb sliced bacon (or guanciale), cut crosswise into thin strips 3 cloves garlic, minced 2/3 c red […]

Carbonara, for instance, is easy to prepare. This matters because when I’m writing I find it challenging to do anything that requires a lot of coordinating and decision-making. The words overtake my mind so completely that I’m better off doing something simple and meditative with my non-writing hours, something dull and mindless like scrubbing the […]

A gnawing that comes early some days. I try to trick it by getting started in the morning before I am fully awake, when I haven’t yet brought to mind all the things that must be done, all the things that make me nervous. As the day warms up I ignore emails, hush my husband, […]

I drink it with milk, no sugar. Whole milk, preferably. When at home my husband humors me by not complaining that I buy expensive locally roasted beans in little 12-ounce bags that I burn through too quickly and so must buy two at a time. I often remark to anyone in earshot that they should […]

Psst…before Marin Sardy begins: August curator Christianne Sanchez Robinson is interviewed over at NolaVie about her Studiola residency. The “Nola Studiola dispatch” on Robinson is the first in a series of monthly interviews with Studiola curators. Check out Robinson’s reflections on her work at the blog, and while you’re at it, check out NolaVie! Enjoy Marin […]

Eagle eyes that can make out the above picture behind the banner have recognized Marla Singer from the 1999 movie Fight Club, played by the inimitable Helena Bonham Carter. Singer is reportedly the spirit animal of Nola Studiola’s next curator. I am pleased and honored to announce that September 2014 brings Marin Sardy to Nola Studiola. I met Marin in […]