Month: October 2014

Photo: Drea Knufken   Seattle. October. Eight months since we left our home in Denver and moved into the Airstream. I’m walking down a steep slope, past a golf course and a soggy Twix wrapper, moss growing in sidewalk cracks. I am walking to a place of indulgence: a group class at the local YMCA, […]

You’d think being on the road would inspire creativity. It does, but other tasks (exploring surroundings you may never see again) eat into the discipline part of the writing equation. When I signed up for my first online class in early spring, I doubted I would stick with it. The only other online class I’d […]

Lately I’ve been writing about a friend’s dad, let’s call him Mr. Roberts, who claimed that we don’t exist. Mr. Roberts had a PhD in chemistry, worked at a major consumer goods manufacturer and had the fortitude to sail solo around the entire U.K. He was, in two words, no dummy. But I was 12 […]

  (Image: Drea Knufken) Have you heard of that Amtrak Residency for Writers? It’s pretty cool. You sit on a train and write for 2-5 days. The constant movement of the train lulls your mind into a writerly state. You’re free of that metaphysical silly string of daily life: sticky obligations, sticky family, sticky friends, […]

5:30 a.m. It’s so cold outside, and the bed is so warm. I think I hear rain on the roof. I could go deeper into the covers and forget about everything. Let me expose my hand and see how the air feels. Dang, that’s cold. The heater is four steps away. I’d be covered in […]

Picture: Seth K. Hughes Technomad (n): A person who foresakes full-time habitation in favor of frequent movement to new places, possibly but not necessarily in an RV. Like a retiree (n), but with a job (n). Characteristically accompanied by devices like the MiFi, signal boosters, ranging devices and other nefarious-sounding implements that are essential to […]

 Photo: Seth K. Hughes There are two ways to look at the world when you’re a permanent traveler. (Yes, I know that in a sense we are all permanent travelers, through time and life, but I’m not going there until I hit an existentialist moment. Which should be any day now.) The road is my […]

October 2014 brings Drea Knufken to the Studiola. Drea Knufken is a freelance writer, editor and content strategist. She has published bylined and ghostwritten articles in Salon, WIRED, National Geographic, Backpacker and Natural Health, among others. Her book, “The Backroads and Byways of Colorado,” is now in its second edition. She’s also a reader for Narrative Magazine. Curatorial Statement: How […]