Month: November 2014

A sudden cold snap in New Orleans means that people hunker down, bundle up, and moan and complain about temperatures that may dip into the low 30’s. It doesn’t take many winters hiding in the Gulf South for a northern-born transplant’s blood to thin out and for the body to revolt and deliver a severe […]

Minnesota-native Lindsay Rhyner usually spends several months in New Orleans sifting through Criagslist free piles, trash cans, and abandoned buildings for discarded Mardi Gras costumes, fabrics, clothing, and other objects that she quilts into intricate large scale tapestries. I first saw Lindsay’s work at a cafe in Minneapolis, and two of those older pieces were […]

Nola Studiola welcomes Anna Timmerman for November! Anna Timmerman is an artist and gardener living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Raised on a farm in rural Michigan, Timmerman developed an aptitude for gardening early on, learning from three generations of master gardeners within the family. At Michigan State University she studied Crop and Soil Sciences for […]