Month: December 2014

I have a thought to share on this last day of another year gone by.  Your best year yet.  Your worst year.  Your year could have been better. Couldn’t they always. Here’s an idea, and it’s one I intend to embrace myself: Stop making resolutions. Nothing ever comes of it.  You let yourself off too […]

The curious construct of time, our conception of it via memory and experience, our confirmation of it by way of the calendar.  A myriad of meditations on the turning of days have announced themselves to my consciousness during this winter embarkation. The day of the week, with my own life and experience as a backdrop, […]

Three days left.  That’s three more days until we come to the end of another calendar year.  And three more days that I am self-contracted to create a post for this blog.  Today I make a return to an earlier thought, a revisitation of an earlier post.  To settle some unfinished business, if you will. […]

I had a fun little experiment earlier this evening.  I made a meandering drive around the city playing around with the photo tricks on my iPhone 6. I’ve had my new phone for a month or so but haven’t really taken much time to explore the different functions.  I have this odd infatuation with the […]

There is more than one way to skin a cat. I don’t know who the ghoulish S.O.B. was that made up that old saw.  I love cats, and let it just be said right up front: I do not support the skinning of cats, no matter which technique you employ. The reference, in this case, […]

There seem to be a lot of things that this date—the day after Christmas—means to different people, depending on the calendar you check or the culture you are surfing.  It’s the 360th day of the year, so if days were degrees, we would all be arriving full circle. Most calendars, or western ones at least, […]

I didn’t know what I going to post today, so I grabbed my camera bag and headed over to Jackson Square, hoping to find Christmas.  All I got were a bunch of generous vampires. Right in front of the St. Louis Cathedral,  a row of tables had been set up, bedecked with big silver chafers […]

Several years ago my mother gave me this big manilla envelope stuffed fat with a bunch of photos from all through my childhood, along with report cards, birth announcements and all manner of other mementos. There’s stuff from the day I was born all the way up through my late 30’s, when I was living […]

1:15 pm I have lived in New Orleans for nearly 8 years now, and I still haven’t gone to see the Celebration in the Oaks thing up in City Park.  Tonight, I’m going to give it a shot, even though the forecast calls for anywhere from a 90-100% chance of rain.  Sure does sound like […]

Today I spent some time at the workshop of my friend Will Andrews, a cabinetmaker who does custom work for a private contractor in Broadmoor.  I know Will from being a regular during happy hour shifts at the bar, and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about what he does.  I did, […]