Dec. 8 / The Full Hot Monte

It’s 17 shopping days ’til Christmas.  Plenty of time to get out there and do your part for the Consumertopia.  My family is not so into the gift giving anymore, though I’ve nothing against it.  In fact, I still have a nostalgic affinity for the quaint trappings of the holiday season, even though I’m a godless heathen.  I still put up a Christmas tree every couple of years, sometimes even for Christmas.  I decorate it with the blinky lights and ornaments friends have given me over the years.  Something kind of kitschy and comforting at the same time.

"Welcome, from Afar" New Orleans, 12/8/2014 Format: digital via DSLR

“Welcome, from Afar” Shot from the roof of the NOAC, looking towards the French Quarter and the Hotel Monteleone. New Orleans, 12/8/2014.   Format: digital via DSLR

This was the first day of the so-called holiday season that I had a thought about Christmas, and that it’s almost upon us already.  The weather got a little brisker, finally, and the days are getting shorter.  The smattering of festive lights and snowy glowing yard Santas are in full swing, and though the downtown community comes nowhere near matching the suburbs in the world championship Christmas yard art debauch, you really appreciate them when you get them.  They make up the majority of my shoot today, and my brain hurts, so I’m keeping the words to a minimum.  The holiday is almost here and the chance to take off the past year and get ready to dress up in the next one.  Brace yourself and enjoy it.


“Bywater, December 2014” (#1), New Orleans, 12/8/2014. Format: digital via DSLR


“Wreath”, Marigny, 12/8/2014. Format: digital via DSLR


“Bywater, December 2014” (#2), New Orleans, 12/8/2014, Format: digital via DSLR


“Look Better Naked”, New Orleans, 12/8/2014. Format: digital via DSLR

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