Month: April 2015

Thalassiosira above and Dinopysis below! These creatures live in our gulf waters! Unlike the real thing, if you bump into these sculptures you will probably notice! This Diatom and dinoflagellate  are tiny! To give you an idea of what 20 μm is, lets look at this Thalassiosira in ft…….0.000065617 ft!!! Too small to see with the […]

Here are my first illustrations ready to silkscreen! I will be creating a series of interactive silkscreens with a green under-layer. Since phytoplankton are plants+ they are filled with chlorophyll! The green under layer, representing the chlorophyll in the phytoplankton, will be black light reactive! the images below are from water collected using a phytoplankton net. Compare to […]

Hello everyone! I’m very honored to be invited to contribute to this blog! Thank you Alison! I would like to start by embellishing upon the lovely introductory post that Alison put up for the project. We will start with introducing Tim, my partner in crime on this exploration of the microorganisms of our surrounding wetlands. […]