Illustrating Phytoplankton!

Here are my first illustrations ready to silkscreen! I will be creating a series of interactive silkscreens with a green under-layer. Since phytoplankton are plants+ they are filled with chlorophyll! The green under layer, representing the chlorophyll in the phytoplankton, will be black light reactive!

2015-04-07 11.10.11

the images below are from water collected using a phytoplankton net. Compare to the scarcity of water samples collected  above at Jean Laffite with just a bottle!

As 31″x31″ circles these will be LARGE silkscreens! Its very exciting to be able to purchase new screens for this endeavor! Thank you A Studio in the Woods for your generous program that makes this and other materials possible!

2015-04-06 21.04.52above, large trace drawing for silkscreen. Below, close up
2015-04-06 21.04.31

If seeing these drawings makes you want to see more, look again in the next few days as the first sculptures take form!

We will also be trawling the pond for more phytoplankton!

I also wanted to share some of the resources that inspire and help us identify through out this project.

LUMCON’s Phytoplankton Guide!

Inspiring Videos from the Plankton Chronicles (thanks scott for the tip!)

Exhibits: Little Giants

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