May 2015 is ALINA TAYLOR

May 2015 brings Alina Taylor to Studiola.

alinaAlina Taylor received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University in 2007. She then went on to study at Baton Rouge’s Medical Training College which prepared her to seek a license to practice Massage Therapy (LMT LA#6008). Most recently, Alina has completed the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Wild Lotus in Louisiana’s Big Easy.

Alina’s love for life and passion to share with others led her to open Baton Rouge’s first kid and family friendly studio, Kids Yoga Lab, LLC. KYL, LLC combines all of Alina’s unique talents and knack for business in a non-competitive, multi-sensory and uplifting atmosphere. She lives in Baton Rouge with her partner and 2 children, Sebastian and Bailey. She also holds a Life Producer license in the state of Louisiana.


Unlike Ignatius O’Reilly, Alina’s journeys between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and back again have built her yoga practice, her friendships, and spread her inimitable spirit and attitude that there’s no time like the present to make all your dreams come true.

Statement of Curatorial Intent

What are you doing with your life?

Are you tirelessly chasing success—up to your shoulders in elbow grease?

Are you waiting to finally make it and to say, “I did it. I’m an adult now,”? If so, why?

Society offers us its idea of success. Left up to them, it’s pretty much a necessity. After all, the achievement of success guarantees happiness. Doesn’t it? Isn’t it true that once you’ve attained success you will have all the answers?

Not so! But, when we commit ourselves to mindfulness, we will realize that we are always growing, shifting, bending, shrinking and stretching and that most surprising of all, we actually are grownups!

We don’t have to play by the rules of others. Even better, we can make our own rules!

Join me for the next 31 days as I share my experience over the past 8 months commuting to Soul School Teacher Training in the Bywater, shifting from work and family life in the Red Stick to independent, discovery-summer-camplike living in places like the Westbank and Holy Cross to the Warehouse District and Uptown.

Live your best life today.

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