See you on the mat…

It’s a great day for the last of May. The sun rose and set. The rains saturated the already damp earth. Ditches and rivers are stretching to max capacity, and bystanders wonder what will crest next. But even with all of the water and whatever ails you at this moment, it is a great day for the last of May.

One thing I took away from Soul School, and I remind myself daily (often constantly through the day) is that, this moment is fleeting and infinite, and if we allow the mind to dictate and operate on auto-pilot–ceasing to quiet the mind, we miss all the moments. And in the missing, it becomes irrelevant exactly which moments in time that we’ve missed because they are all irreplaceable; the moments happen whether you are tuned in or tuned out. To miss a gorgeous sunset, a double rainbow, your child’s first steps, a lovingly crafted meal, the touch of your lover’s hand, the smile of a stranger, the signs of daily life or a life well lived–if you are distracted, you miss it. Soul School elicited a challenge in me that I hope to never lose: don’t miss the moments. Don’t plan for the next moment because in doing so, you will miss the offering of now.

Recently, we launched an Indiegogo campaign: to share our story and become the first yoga studio in the Gulf South region that offers yoga and art classes to ALL, no limit to ability.

image As parents and as yogis and as people, we want all humans to feel welcome in our studio and know that the studio is there to serve them through yoga, creative expression, imaginative play and social interaction in a non-threatening, non-competitve environment. You can read our full story on Indiegogo and more information is available at .


For the past several months, my partner and I have worked tirelessly on setting up the studio and getting everything in place -from mats to permits to power – to open the studio in June. Shoutout to Jody for putting in major manpower. After much hardwork, we are set to open the studio this Wednesday, June 3rd!

Personally, opening the studio right now is keeping me inspired. My oldest child graduated from high school and is leaving Tuesday for 22 days in Europe  on a self-exploration of his own. My beautiful daughter just turned 12 (yesterday). These are great, wonderful, joyous life moments; BUT, these are also moments that are pulling at my heart strings. It’s a wonderful joy to see your children grow, but you wonder, what do I do now? My mama heart is so proud of the humans they are and if you know me, you know lots about them as well.


The studio is like a third child, a new phase. We’ve carved it out and polished it up and now we are nursing and nurturing it into existence. It is a beautiful experience to see your dreams and visions come to life. Magical. Magical like the rain drenched streets of New Orleans with street jazz in the background and a collective of tantalizing aromas from restaurants in the palpably humid May air. Encouraging like the Saints championship win in 2009, Who Dat! And comforting like Sunday supper.

I invite you to our space, come on by and roll out your mat and let’s flow. Share your own passion and joys with those around you and create a ripple of change in your community. Look within and as Eckhart Tolle said, “Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

I will close with a quote from Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” (quoting words from his father)

“Why be elated by material profit? The one who pursues a goal of evenmindedness is neither jubilant with gain nor depressed by loss. He knows that man arrives penniless in this world, and departs without a single rupee.”

Do what you love and live with a passionate purpose. Express gratitude in all you do and in all things. Always take the time to listen, for when we close our mouths and listen we feel the dynamic shift of the universe expressed through compassion, gratitude and love. Be love now.


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