Pulitzer: Little Theatre/The Culmination/The Beginning, after Laundry and Fixing Dinner

For about 30 years I wrote super short illustrated stories and filed them away. I’d never shown them to anyone except my ex-husband. I had never had a psychic reading either. I was living in North Carolina and made an appointment for a phone consultation with Sonia Choquette who lived in Chicago. When she told me “the guides are telling me about your little stories and cartoons” I was amazed.  She added her own advice, “You should blog your stories” so that afternoon I put up a WordPress site called Little Theatre. For 30, maybe more, years I’ve had a clear picture of this book in my head.

little theatre book sections bulletin bd

The cover is navy linen and there’s a debossed image of a stage with curtains pulled back. The whole thing including the title just kind of arrived one day and if I don’t do it soon, I’ll have to do it in my next life. And then, what if I forget? What is taking so long is laundry and fixing dinner. And making files of things I like.

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