“Where are all the side dishes? And why does this spinach taste like dick*?” Grandma questioned us while avoiding what I thought was a decent plate of greens, blanched and seasoned with salt, minced garlic, and sesame oil. (I can’t even quite recall if it was actually spinach or a random bunch of greens my […]

You know that feeling of getting along, jiving with, being simpatico… Like, um, the I-get-you, a wink and a nod and a pop to the hip, a punch in the gut. When you see it, it is a harmless milkdrop, and then it is a plop of angry milk, shrieking strings, a reeeeeek   I view the Gurlesque as a […]

Hello, dear reader! Thank you for clicking and saying yes to “unnecessary art.” And for clicking this out of obligation because we are: family, friends, colleagues, or lovers. Or because it is Friday afternoon and your brain refuses to function after lunchtime. Just looking at the neat white box of my internet browser makes me feel […]