The end I started this series of blog posts with a story of not keeping the pottery I made in pottery class because I was more interested in making pots than in keeping the pots I made. Well, I wasn’t sure I’d keep the quilt I made for this project, because it, too, was more […]

  Tennessee again From Memphis to New Orleans, on the way down, I had watched the sunset paint the sky, as if from the brush tips of trees, out my sleeping car window. When it was dark, I moved to the lounge car to follow, from larger windows, the moon stamp his face on the […]

Memphis We got into Memphis about the time we were supposed to have arrived in New Orleans, mid-afternoon. It was the first time I’d been outside in 24 hours, since Chicago, even if just for a smoke stop. It was as if the train had pulled new backdrops across the stage: the sky had gone […]

  Chicago One of my first interactions was a simple request and response. I’d been eight hours on a bus from Minneapolis, sitting in the front seat, watching the snow fall and a total of five cars spin off the highway. By Chicago I was eager to move my legs.  I headed down Jackson Street […]

THE HOW PROJECT blogged March 2014 By Mari Carlson After a recent pottery class, I gave away all the pots I made. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them; I intended them as gifts. What I kept for myself was the pleasure of crafting them. I enjoyed most of all the preparation. First, I got […]