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I’ve been thinking a lot about pride lately and how it can become an obstacle in one’s life. An icy chill came over me as I looked back at my year in Denver, and was startled to remember times I let my pride and ego-centric frustration take over unrelated things–how I was frozen in some […]

Something has been missing here at Nola Studiola. We’ve got almost everything: snarky comments, interviews with courageous writers, a thrilling love story with a broad-chested deep sea diver. What’s missing? Oh, yeah! Food. Understandably, the link to food somehow got lost along the way. Some curators at Nola Studiola have continued the food thread, and […]

I decided that I needed to meet Lost Boy. I told him that I had an active imagination, and I was afraid of concocting a story about us that wasn’t rooted in reality. He wrote back that he understood, and he’d like to meet me, as well. “Very much so,” he typed. I believed him […]

What do I do when I’m afraid? I revise. I have revised the story of my nanny stint in Denver to sound like it was a heroic act of risk taking in the name of pursuing my dreams. “I left my cousin’s house to live with friends and work on my novel every day for […]

Nancy Drew, Mr. Drew, and Wild Boo were out of town the first weekend I was in Denver, and I busied myself in the kitchen, making dishes from Martha Rose Shulman’s Mediterranean Cooking. I made potaje de vigila and carrot, leek and apple soup, and food, and food and more food. Whenever I need to think […]