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Confession: I don’t know how to take a joke. My parents used to chant cantcha jake a toke? over and over at me in my more intense moments of meltdown, when someone had poked fun at me. Super-serious, super-earnest. So much seriousness that it prompted my high school French teacher to whisper burnout in my ear and nudge […]

It’s hot, I’m full of angst and aimless, multi-directional impulses, so I think now is a good time to grab the reins here at Nola Studiola for a couple months’ sojourn. Yours truly Alison Barker is back to update you on all things Barker, including Lost Boy, his Mustache, the politics and evolving philosophy on […]

I’d never have guessed it a year ago, as I chased a toddler around a lakeside house in Denver, dated a guy who thought putting my earrings in a ziploc bag and returning them to me was a “big step emotionally” for him, poured hours crafting what would be tens of unanswered cover letters to […]

At my house, two people are working at becoming one, in some ways, and boy is it humbling. New love gives you bursts of energy just as it can exhaust you. Setting up a home with someone and learning each others personalities involve emotional whirlwinds and they are happening at once in my life.  Food […]