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One of the most pretentious classes I will be able to add to my list of Things I Think Make Me Pretentious But Actually Just Make Me A College Student is taking a Ulysses seminar while studying at UEA. This book is, to put it mildly, a massive work requiring extensive footnotes reading and at […]

My Cajun roots demand that, today of all days, I acknowledge the beautiful, gift-to-humanity, let-the-good-times-roll-and-all-that-jazz insanity that is Mardi Gras festivities in Louisiana. There. It’s out of my system. On that note, this past summer I spent roughly two months living in New Orleans, Louisiana, working in the promotions department of a publishing company based […]

I made the decision to become a vegetarian when I was fifteen. It had a lot to do with dissecting a fetal pig, and breaking its jaw, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. What’s followed has been a hard-fought battle of trying to maintain a steady diet that includes the necessary […]

The other night I was drifting off to sleep, contemplating the impending doom of a feminist criticism presentation, and dreading the horrible nature of a seminar leader who possesses the altogether undesirable quality of forcing an individual to speak for ten minutes in a country where everyone thinks said individual sounds like some sort of […]

This upcoming curatorial take-over marks a first for the Studiola: poet and budding scholar Jackie DeRobertis will be curating from outside of the U.S., and her physical context across the pond in England will most likely slither into the content of her February 2013 stay here at Nola Studiola. Studiola will benefit from whatever Ms. […]