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  The Quit that Wasn’t Most tours of duty on a freight train lumber lugubriously and are marked by long delays and scrupulous attention to redundant safety rules. The era of cowboy railroading has passed and Rail’s cache and the infatuated devotion rail-fans exude seem absurd to trainmen. Dragging mind-numbing quantities of stuff and prodigious […]

  Dying to Read  Bumped off road service, I now work in a rail yard whose grind of switching two-hundred cars a night wears on my writer-ly faculties like chasing receding horizons on foot for hundreds of miles over undulating hills. Painstaking hours of back and forth movements order a few tracks, but there will […]

“So. What do you see there, what will affect our trip?” probed Clint as we scanned track condition documents before one of my first duty tours on a train. “When the shit hits the fan out there, it does so in a hurry, got to know where each maintenance crew is working, where we tip-toe […]