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Hello, September! And hello, Carol Pulitzer, September’s curator! Artist and writer Carol Pulitzer writes about New Orleans people and places for NolaVie. Some of her  illustrations and super short stories and  can be seen  at; her story Carmelita was a semi-finalist for the Walker Percy Prize in Short Fiction at Loyola University. Her illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines […]

Greetings, Studiola readers – hope wherever August finds you, you are finding ways to stay cool, enjoy the light that comes with the longer summer days, and finding time to tackle that pile of books you’ve been meaning to read… For me, a survivor of a hyper-academic childhood, summer has always been that magical time […]

It’s a great day for the last of May. The sun rose and set. The rains saturated the already damp earth. Ditches and rivers are stretching to max capacity, and bystanders wonder what will crest next. But even with all of the water and whatever ails you at this moment, it is a great day […]

Here are my first illustrations ready to silkscreen! I will be creating a series of interactive silkscreens with a green under-layer. Since phytoplankton are plants+ they are filled with chlorophyll! The green under layer, representing the chlorophyll in the phytoplankton, will be black light reactive! the images below are from water collected using a phytoplankton net. Compare to […]

Hello everyone! I’m very honored to be invited to contribute to this blog! Thank you Alison! I would like to start by embellishing upon the lovely introductory post that Alison put up for the project. We will start with introducing Tim, my partner in crime on this exploration of the microorganisms of our surrounding wetlands. […]

Nola Studiola is honored to host printmaker Pippin Frisbie–Calder as she embarks on a collaboration with biologist Dr. Tim McLean of Tulane University at New Orleans’ Studio in the Woods. As saline content rises and the wetlands continue to reel from erosion and agricultural use, Gulf coast wetlands are increasingly threatened. Artist Pippin Frisbie-Calder believes […]

I have a thought to share on this last day of another year gone by.  Your best year yet.  Your worst year.  Your year could have been better. Couldn’t they always. Here’s an idea, and it’s one I intend to embrace myself: Stop making resolutions. Nothing ever comes of it.  You let yourself off too […]

The curious construct of time, our conception of it via memory and experience, our confirmation of it by way of the calendar.  A myriad of meditations on the turning of days have announced themselves to my consciousness during this winter embarkation. The day of the week, with my own life and experience as a backdrop, […]