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At my house, two people are working at becoming one, in some ways, and boy is it humbling. New love gives you bursts of energy just as it can exhaust you. Setting up a home with someone and learning each others personalities involve emotional whirlwinds and they are happening at once in my life.  Food […]

Something has been missing here at Nola Studiola. We’ve got almost everything: snarky comments, interviews with courageous writers, a thrilling love story with a broad-chested deep sea diver. What’s missing? Oh, yeah! Food. Understandably, the link to food somehow got lost along the way. Some curators at Nola Studiola have continued the food thread, and […]

After the love story ends (and can finally begin!)  next wekk, NolaStudiola will feature several interviews that return to NS’s culinary roots. This time, the theme will be butchery, and the first interview is with Jamie Smith, butcher at family-owned and run Bluescreek Farms of Columbus, Ohio.  “One of the reasons we raise our animals better […]

Here’s my food post: I eat in the night. This used to be an occasional thing, but I’ve come to realize it’s every night, now. I get up around 2:30 or 3 a.m. to pee, like an elderly person, every single night. And almost every single night, on my way back to bed, I HAVE […]

There are far too many books to read, papers to write, and presentations to compile this week as the UEA semester heads into crunch time. So, here’s a quick breakfast idea that I’ve been trying which gives me a lot of energy and protein to start my day sitting through those brutal three hour seminars. […]

I made the decision to become a vegetarian when I was fifteen. It had a lot to do with dissecting a fetal pig, and breaking its jaw, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. What’s followed has been a hard-fought battle of trying to maintain a steady diet that includes the necessary […]

Well, hmph. The recent kerfluffle over Elizabeth Wurtzel’s “Elizabeth Wurtzel Confronts Her One Night Stand of a Life” in New York Magazine, and the constellation of links and reactions and conclusions reacting to it–is confusing. And as bloggers, and people who read and comment on blogs, where do we enter the confessionalism conversation? Are we made of the stuff, […]