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There are far too many books to read, papers to write, and presentations to compile this week as the UEA semester heads into crunch time. So, here’s a quick breakfast idea that I’ve been trying which gives me a lot of energy and protein to start my day sitting through those brutal three hour seminars. […]

I made the decision to become a vegetarian when I was fifteen. It had a lot to do with dissecting a fetal pig, and breaking its jaw, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. What’s followed has been a hard-fought battle of trying to maintain a steady diet that includes the necessary […]

Well, hmph. The recent kerfluffle over Elizabeth Wurtzel’s “Elizabeth Wurtzel Confronts Her One Night Stand of a Life” in New York Magazine, and the constellation of links and reactions and conclusions reacting to it–is confusing. And as bloggers, and people who read and comment on blogs, where do we enter the confessionalism conversation? Are we made of the stuff, […]

My tiny friend Wild Boo did not eat this week. Well, he did not eat much. Aside from the bubblegum-flavored antibiotic he was force-fed and some formula, Wild Boo was on a food boycott. To be honest, food was not on the top of my list this week, when me and the rest of the […]

Dear 2013, Only Good News Alison here again, popping in to share with you some recipes that I’ve collected since October-ish. David’s Bridal Salad Who is David, anyhow? I thought getting engaged meant, as a friend of mine puts it, you’re shit’s in one sock? Or the engagement somehow helps you to put your shit […]

Food matches mood, place, and time of life. Corn ice cream and blueberry tarragon jam is making every moment count before you say goodbyes Plum, cheese, plum is: July, New Orleans, Sigur Ros, distraction from missing someone. Lemon ice cubes is above it all. Artichokes are mom and dad and laughing and Dan Rather on […]

Ms. Shulman says: “This is a collection of 250 recipes drawn from my popular Recipes for Health column on I launched my column with the same goal that I have always had with my work – to empower people to prepare delicious, healthy meals every day. The easiest and most pleasurable way to eat well […]