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After the love story ends (and can finally begin!)  next wekk, NolaStudiola will feature several interviews that return to NS’s culinary roots. This time, the theme will be butchery, and the first interview is with Jamie Smith, butcher at family-owned and run Bluescreek Farms of Columbus, Ohio.  “One of the reasons we raise our animals better […]

June, 1, 2013: It’s the Day After One at Nola Studiola! And, we are so excited to welcome Jay Ponteri, whose interview will be accessible by clicking on Jay Ponteri under “Visitors.” Jay Ponteri‘s memoir, Wedlocked, has recently been published by Hawthorne Books. His chapbook of short prose, Darkmouth Strikes Again, is being published by Future Tense Books, 2014. […]

Nola Studiola is one year old today. Happy birthday! In the world of  marriage, one year has traditionally been celebrated with paper. Here at Nola Studiola, we will celebrate one year old-ness with our first ever exclusive audio interview, to be posted this weekend, about marriage’s failings, and the brave man who dared write about […]

Ed Dadey’s interview is going to lurk in the powdery wings of the Studiola stage for the indeterminable and near future. See how I did that? I distracted you from Ed. You’re picturing wings of a stage, which is where this conversation happens, this Redux, this platform. Kind of like working on a story for […]

Well, I don’t know. That’s what everyone here at Nola Studiola would like to know. Ed Dadey, founder and director of the illustrious Art Farm artist residency in Marquette, Nebraska, is supposed to be Olivia Kate Cerrone’s swan song interview here in the moist, banana plant-laden digital version of the old dirty dirty, the virtual […]

By Olivia Kate Cerrone This past November, I had the wonderful privilege of reading my fiction at the Fireside Follies Reading Series in Brooklyn, NY, where I met author Eric Nelson, who co-curates the series with the poet, Mike Lala. This popular reading series brings together both established and emerging writers alike, showcasing some of […]