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Well, I don’t know. That’s what everyone here at Nola Studiola would like to know. Ed Dadey, founder and director of the illustrious Art Farm artist residency in Marquette, Nebraska, is supposed to be Olivia Kate Cerrone’s swan song interview here in the moist, banana plant-laden digital version of the old dirty dirty, the virtual […]

By Olivia Kate Cerrone This past November, I had the wonderful privilege of reading my fiction at the Fireside Follies Reading Series in Brooklyn, NY, where I met author Eric Nelson, who co-curates the series with the poet, Mike Lala. This popular reading series brings together both established and emerging writers alike, showcasing some of […]

By Olivia Kate Cerrone Last July, I had the enormous privilege of reading my fiction at the Rabbit Tales Reading and Performance Series in Brooklyn, NY. There I met the event’s curator, Kate Hill Cantrill, an accomplished author who deeply values fostering community among working artists. Rabbit Tales is unique in its approach, combining literary readings […]

In celebration of Thanksgiving and me being back in the Studiola driver’s seat for a bit, I will present to you the digital transcription of my interview with Martha Rose Shulman, who was busy working on her new book, The Very Best of Recipes for Health around the time we chatted over email last summer. She kindly […]

Nola Studiola: What makes you laugh? My son makes me laugh, because his heart is still filled with the purity of children and his way of seeing and feeling the world is better than the word “joy.” But I also often bust a gut laughing when our human vulnerabilities are exposed without anyone suffering…little daily […]