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  Chicago One of my first interactions was a simple request and response. I’d been eight hours on a bus from Minneapolis, sitting in the front seat, watching the snow fall and a total of five cars spin off the highway. By Chicago I was eager to move my legs.  I headed down Jackson Street […]

THE HOW PROJECT blogged March 2014 By Mari Carlson After a recent pottery class, I gave away all the pots I made. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them; I intended them as gifts. What I kept for myself was the pleasure of crafting them. I enjoyed most of all the preparation. First, I got […]

I’m not a believer in New Year’s resolutions.  Frankly, I find them a little silly, driven by group think and peer pressure rather than genuine self-awareness.  False promises only halfway made, and less than halfway kept, they perpetuate something even worse – the devaluation of our own voice.  When we do something because we are […]

dear readers, you’ll have to forgive my deliquency as a studiola curator. i have been busied recently with the tasks of giving a final reading at u.c. san diego, defending my thesis, and, oh, you know, just getting my MFA ! ! !  (one of my thesis committee members believes that MFA stands for MotherFuckingArtist. […]

dear readers, mostly, i’m posting because i want to share something with you. i want to bring you the most important page of my thesis. honestly, i just want to share it. but i also think it will get me somewhere in this conversation i began last week regarding creative practice and its relation to […]

readers! hello! it is with delight that i write my first studiola post from a tiny couch under a loft bed in my studio-attached-to-a-garage in san diego (no wind sounds in the backyard palm fronds, but the crickets are doing their thing). i am no stranger to wordpress (currently up to 1,267 posts over at […]

Today, more on those research papers mentioned on Thursday. Please forgive me for using the Studiola to air some of the observations I’ve had in the past three years that might not make it into the book. I want to show the seams of the work I’ve been doing in the book itself – not […]