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THE HOW PROJECT blogged March 2014 By Mari Carlson After a recent pottery class, I gave away all the pots I made. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them; I intended them as gifts. What I kept for myself was the pleasure of crafting them. I enjoyed most of all the preparation. First, I got […]

I decided that I needed to meet Lost Boy. I told him that I had an active imagination, and I was afraid of concocting a story about us that wasn’t rooted in reality. He wrote back that he understood, and he’d like to meet me, as well. “Very much so,” he typed. I believed him […]

In my year of no-fixed-address, I have repeatedly come up against the creepy car phone convo conundrum. While living with friends or in a barely assembled house whose walls are full of holes or half started upgrades, I find my car is the only place I can have a guaranteed private phone conversation, and so […]